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"I have just completed my review of the procedures manual. I can't thank you enough for all your help. Not only did your manual save me countless hours I learned more than I could have ever imagined. The cost is not indicative of what the manual is really worth. Thank you again and again!"

—R. C. Fisher, Clark Property Services, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

"I am finding your product extremely useful for its intended purpose and adaptable for a host of other inter-office publications."

—Southside Properties Realty & Management, Norfolk, Virginia

"Yes, the manual is great. We have been busy adapting the manual to our company and it is going great!"

—D. J. Campbell, Executive Vice President of Housing, Development, & Governmental Affairs, The Sheldrake Organization, Hempstead, New York

"This manual covered all our basic needs. We were able to adapt the manual easily to our property and company uses. You seem to cover all aspects of specific property needs. We are very happy with the final product."

—B. Sullivan, John B. Sullivan Associates Management Company, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"As for the manual, we found it to be an incredibly valuable tool. On its own, it was a perfectly usable manual, nearly complete and well organized. Our own needs required us to modify several of the sections but modifications were simple, easy to implement, and incorporated into the document quickly and efficiently. More important, however, was the approval it received both from our internal organization and from the reviewers during our recent management review. In fact, we often referred to the manual during the review as a resource for answering questions. And now that the review is completed, we find ourselves referring to the manual itself regularly to answer our own internal questions. Thanks again for making such a valuable resource available to smaller organizations like ours."

—T. Mahoney, Tech. Online Services Coordinator, Island Grove Village Apartments, Greeley, Colorado

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