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Standard Operations Procedures Manual for Residential Multifamily Property Management

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Standard Operations Procedures Manual - $299.95

The comprehensive, 252-page procedures manual is suitable for both conventional and affordable housing. It is available in MS Word™ format and sent via e-mail. The manual addresses the effective policies, procedures, and forms required for successful, on-site property management. The first page of each section indicates what essential tasks and procedures are considered critical to satisfactorily fulfilling your company's obligations.

The manual is formatted to facilitate its modification to meet your company's requirements. It serves as an excellent tool for training new and existing employees. Please click on the title of each Chapter to see the initial pages.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Objectives of this Manual
Employee Requirements
Employee Acknowledgement Form

Chapter 2 Company Profile

Company Philosophy and Goals
Company Organization

Chapter 3 Personnel

Group Benefits
Office Procedures
Personal Development
Other Policy Statements
Receipt of Handbook
Information on Benefits

Chapter 4 Operating the Site Office

Standard Office Procedures
Required Office Equipment
Maintaining Required Files
Resident Master Files
Inactive Resident Files
Other Required Files
Bulletin Boards
Home Office Communication
Time Management for Site Managers
Implementing Rent Increases
Resident Surveys
Publishing the Apartment Community Newsletter

Chapter 5 Marketing

What is Marketing?
Curb Appeal
Generating Traffic
The Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan
Waiting Lists
Model Apartments

Chapter 6 Leasing, Move-ins, and Occupancy

Fair Housing LawsRental Policies
Federal Preferences
Resident Selection Criteria
Moving the Resident In
The New Resident Orientation
Performing the Move-In Inspection
Tenant Certifications and Recertifications
Verifications Required
Collecting the Necessary Money
Security Deposit Requirements
Establishing the Active Resident File
Income Inquiry Forms
Resident Grievance Procedure
Resident\Management Relations

Chapter 7 Move Outs

Move Out ProceduresResident's Lease Obligation
Collection Agencies
Mailing Schedules

Chapter 8 Financial Management

Rent Collection
Bank Deposits
Handling Delinquent Payments
Obtaining Government Subsidies
General Purchasing Policies
Accounts Payable Voucher (Bills)
Accounts Payable
Utility Bills
Petty Cash
Purchases under $100
Reserve for Replacements
The Approved Vendor List
Unapproved Vendors
Mailing Schedule
Budget Development
Budget Monitoring
Budget Changes
Using the Financial Statements
Comparative Operating and Cash Flow Statement
The Comparative Balance Sheet
Check Register
Monthly Receivables Report
Financial Reporting Requirements
Laundry Revenue Collections

Chapter 9 Legal Matters

Terminating Lease Agreements
Expiration of the Lease Term
Non-Payment of Rent
(Your state) Legal Procedures
Filing Procedures
Appearing in Court
Execution of Judgment
Legal Action for Other Than Non-Payment of Rent
Handling Returned Checks
Abandoned Units
Death of a Resident
Cases Involving Illegal Drug Activity

Chapter 10 Maintenance

Maintenance Work Priority
Physical Inspections
Guidelines for Agency Inspections
Periodic Inspections
Site Manager's Responsibilities
Inspection Procedures
Property Manager Responsibilities
Work Orders Procedures
Equipment Inventory Procedures
Procedures for Taking Inventory
Preventive Maintenance
Roof Inspections
Heating, Ventilation and Air Components
Structural Inspections
Paint Schedules for Occupied Units
Key Control
Master Keys
Common Area Keys
Apartment Keys
Energy Conservation Procedures
Building Exterior
Heating and Air Conditioning System
Plumbing Systems
Lighting and Electricity

Chapter 11 Reviews and Inspections

Site Preparation
Types of Reviews and Inspections
HUD Management Reviews
Rural Development Supervisory Visits
State Housing Finance Agency Reviews
Mortgagee/Investor Inspections or Reviews
General Guidelines for Agency Inspections
Periodic Inspections
Site Manager Responsibilities
Property Manager Responsibilities
Exterior Inspections
Prevention Maintenance Inspections
Structural Inspections

Chapter 12 Insurance

Property Inspections for Insurance Purposes
Incident Reports
Employee Responsibilities
Inspections by Insurance Carriers

Chapter 13 Emergencies

In Case of a FireGeneral Information for All Emergencies
What to Do in Case of Flooding
What to Do in Case of Major Storms
Loitering, Suspected Drug Dealing
When a Death Occurs

Chapter 14 Payroll Procedures

Payroll ChangesPayroll Forms
Leave of Absence
Miscellaneous Change
Salary Increase
Termination Procedures
Payroll Forms and Procedures

XV. Appendix of Forms
XVI. Exhibits


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